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Under 3's Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,


Happy New Year! Welcome to the new term. We hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing Christmas? We would like to welcome and say a big “HELLO” to all the new children and their families who have just started at Gamesley EEC. The new children will be bonding with their key-people and making friends; so great emphasis will be placed on giving reassurance, confidence building and establishing relationships.


The staff observe every child and activities are then planned which will encompass the child’s interests and will help to develop their knowledge and understanding.


We encourage parents to share their child’s achievements with us, so please bring in any “WOW” moments that your child might have had at home. It may be spying a squirrel in the park, staying in their own bed or using the potty for the first time. We want to know!


This term we will be looking at the winter weather and animals who live in cold countries. We will be measuring scarves, sorting gloves into pairs, talking about clothing, food and exercise which helps us to keep warm. There will be lots of running and jumping outside. Remember we “play” outside in most weather conditions except fog! So please dress your child appropriately, don’t forget a warm coat, gloves and hats and boots, all with names in, please!



Please remember to update your child’s family photo book! Lots of photos will have been taken over the Christmas period and we would love to see Granddad fast asleep in front of the TV or your child opening presents on Christmas morning. Please hand to your child’s key-person.


Please remember to give us new phone numbers if you have changed them, also the ones of your emergency contact people too!


Remember to look at our Facebook page or the web-site, they are up-dated regularly and new photographs added. Keep informed as to what is happening at nursery, view key policies, look at photos of past event and keep generally up to date.


Last term, in the toddler area, we started sending home weekly updates of what your child has been learning whilst at nursery. Please give us feedback?

  • Do you find the sheets informative?
  • Do you receive yours regularly?
  • Would you prefer to read one placed in a central position within the toddler area, rather than receiving individual sheets?
  • Would you prefer the information to be uploaded to the web-site or Facebook page?

Do you know…?

Of anyone who might be able to make (sew) new bibs/aprons for us? We need to replenish our old ones, they are washed 3 times a day and soon wear out. Please let Carole know.

If you have any children's duvet covers or sheets that are no longer required please could we have them too, thank you.



We aim to keep the nursery school and Day care facility open when it snows. However we do have a duty of care for both children and staff. In cases of heavy snowfall we may need to close the nursery and, in extreme circumstances, the Day-care part of the Centre. Please ring to find out if we are open, check our website or tune into High Peak radio for information! 01457 859007/01457 860456




It is up to you to supply nappies, creams and wipes for your child. Please hand to your child’s key-person. The nursery provides nappies to use in emergencies but will we will restock from the ones you bring in. The staff monitor this and will inform you when nappy levels are low and need replenishing.



School Holidays!

The next school holiday (half term) is 13.02.17 for 1 week. Day-care open as normal.


Easter - Good Friday is on 14 April 2017 and Easter Monday on 17 April 2017. The centre will just be closed on the bank holidays. The nursery school is closed from Monday 10 April until Friday 21 April, re-opening on Monday 24 April.



Dates for your Diary!

Thursday 02 March 2017 – World Book Day – Wear your Pyjama’s to nursery!

Monday 20 March 2017 – “Meet and Greet” evening for parents and children moving to the over 3’s after Easter 2017. The time will be from 17.30. – 18.30p.m.

Friday 24 March 2017– Red Nose Day.


Thank you!

All the staff would like to thank you for your generosity throughout the year. You have supported our charity events such as Children in Need, ‘Wear it Pink’ day, Harvest, Remembrance Day, Festive Market and Concerts, Christmas Jumper Day etc. We would like to thank you for all the cards and gifts we received at Christmas. We are overwhelmed by your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you also for contributing to the “Bellies not Bins” Food Bank”.


It has been 4 months since the day-care company restructure and, although it is still work in progress, we are finding that all is working well. The children are settling in, learning and developing and having FUN! Andrea and Sara, room leaders, appear to have everything in hand and both areas are running smoothly.


You can rest assured that your children are well loved while they are at the centre. The staff always have the child’s interests at heart and endeavour to provide the very best care and education they can. Looking after children is not the easiest job in the world but it is very satisfying especially when you look back and see how well the children have grown and developed over the years.

A very big “Thank you” to all the staff for working so hard!


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of our news and information. Please feel free to contact myself or Janet Ackers (Head of Centre) if you anything you wish to discuss! It would be lovely if you have any suggestions or ideas which would help enrich our children’s lives.


Carole James and the under 3’s staff.