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Principles for Early Years Education

Early Years or nursery education takes place before a child reaches the statutory school age. All nursery centres share the same aim, which is the promotion of high quality, fully integrated care and education in partnership with parents, teachers, practitioners and carers


Our Principles for Early Years education:

  • effective Early Years education requires both a relevant curriculum and practitioners who understand and are able to implement the curriculum requirements
  • Early Years education should build on what a child already knows & can do
  • high quality care and education will lead to effective learning and development for young children
  • to be effective, the delivery of an Early Years curriculum needs to be carefully planned
  • well planned, purposeful activity and appropriate intervention by practitioners will engage children and help them to make progress in their learning
  • a well- planned and well organised nursery environment gives children rich and stimulating experiences
  • practitioners must be able to observe and respond appropriately to children, informed by a knowledge of how a child develops and learns
  • all children should feel included, secure and valued
  • no child should be excluded or disadvantaged because of his or her race, culture or religion, home language, family background, special educational needs, disability, gender or ability
  • children, parents and practitioners, must work all together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.