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SEND Policy and Information

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Our aim at Gamesley Early Excellence Centre is to ensure that all children with special educational needs or a disability have access to a broad and balanced education and care, which will support their need to develop and learn in different ways and at different rates in order to enable them to meet their full potential.


Some children are identified as having special educational needs or a disability by other agencies before they come to our Centre. Hence our admissions policy takes note of children with identified special needs and disabilities and allows for higher priority of entry. Our admissions procedures are personalised for individual children and include home visits, settling in periods and liaison with parents and outside agencies.


We identify children with special educational needs through our normal assessment and recording procedures. These are undertaken by parents and the nursery team responsible for the child. Identification involves observations, assessments against EYFS development statements, parent consultations, the implementation of individual education plans and the review of the plans on a regular basis.


The EYFS progress check is also carried out at age 2. This is a short written summary of each child’s development in the three prime areas and is shared with parents and carers. This is part of our early identification process and any concerns raised about a child’s development in a particular area can be discussed and become part of an ongoing assessment which can be reviewed regularly. In some cases this can lead to the writing of an IEP and assessment programme lead by the SENCO.


All children who are identified as having special educational needs or disabilities are placed on the SEN register and a “graduated response” action plan is put in place. At the appropriate time a request for “statutory assessment” may be applied for by the SENCO with the support of the Educational Psychologist. 


Children on the SEN register have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is reviewed every term, alongside parents and other agencies.


We have a range of special facilities at the Centre including:


A sensory room, two disabled changing areas, tracking hoists and a therapy room. We aim to adapt and change wherever necessary to ensure we can meet the needs of all children who attend our Centre.


Through our SEN and disability policy, we aim to ensure that all children have equal access to the facilities offered by the Centre. We believe strongly in working with parents and all parents:


  • Have a right to read our Centre’s SEN Disabilities Policy

  • Are informed about the support available for children with special educational needs within the Centre and LA

  • Are informed about and involved in assessment and decision making, emphasising the importance of their contribution

  • Are invited to all meetings regarding their child

  • Are informed about local and national voluntary organisations which might provide information, advice or counselling

  • Are consulted as their child’s IEP’s are reviewed and developed

  • Are invited to a two year progress check meeting and given a copy of the check for themselves and their Health Visitor.