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Toddlers (2-3)

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There are no more than 20 children in the toddler area with a staffing ratio of 1 adult to every 4 children. 


  • All equipment, furniture and toys are suitable for this age group.

  • There is a toilet area, suitable for the disabled child, with a changing area, sink and hand drier.

  • We have a toilet area containing two toilets, three sinks and a shower.

  • There is a laundry room and a kitchen.

  • There is an office where staff can speak to parents, hold meetings and write and keep records.

  • There is an outside area for playing.


    All the staff have a responsibility for a group of children.  Each child has a key person who is the primary carer for the child.  They keep all records and   assessments and liaise with parents and outside agencies where appropriate.

  • Routine

7.30 – 8.45           Children arrive. Welcome, breakfast and free play (continuous provision)


8.45 – 11.15          Activities indoors and outdoors


                              Music time

                              Continuous provision


11.15                      Tidy up ~ singing time   


11.30                       Lunch


12.00 – 13.00         Free play ~ Welcome afternoon children


13.00 – 15.15          Activities indoors and outdoors


                               Music time

                               Continuous provision


14.45                      Tidy up ~ singing time 


15.30                     Dinner time


16.00 – 18.00        Free play indoors and outdoors    


(These are guidelines.  The routine is NOT fixed in stone!  Flexibility is important to meet the individual needs of the children in our care.)