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Centre Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision for the centre is "to be the best we can be". This is embedded in all we do and is the ethos of everyone who works at the centre. We strive to be a reflective, progressive and inclusive setting providing high quality care and education and supporting the needs of our children so that children reach their full potential. In addition it is important that the ethos of the centre  reflects the moral values which Britain and our community intends to promote.  We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. It is our intention that these values determine behaviour throughout the Centre with adults, young people and children in an age appropriate way.

Values to include:

  • Telling the truth

  • Respecting the rights and property of others

  • Respect for different faiths and beliefs

  • Acting considerately towards others

  • Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions

  • Self discipline

  • Sharing and taking turns

  • Inclusion


Our aims are to:

  • provide high quality integrated nursery education, care and family support

  • provide a range of additional services of a high standard to enhance the social and educational opportunities of the local community

  • provide the expertise of qualified early years teachers and practitioners who work together for the individual child and family, to provide the best available care and education

  • provide, where appropriate for the family: a place where they are content to leave their child, a place where they are always welcome and a supportive service

  • help the children to attain their appropriate stage of development in the social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills by continually defining and fulfilling their individual needs

  • keep clear records of children's progress

  • achieve mutual respect between parents and professionals

  • make the separation of child and family as smooth and happy as possible

  • maintain close links with appropriate infant and primary schools

  • work closely with agencies involved in providing support and guidance for the family

  • develop as an accepted part of community life

  • continually assess and where necessary re-think the strategies used to achieve our aims through regular staff meetings

  • offer equal opportunities to all children and adults who come into contact with the Centre regardless of race, gender, class, religion or disability

  • involve parents in the education and care of their child as much as possible

  • To develop staff expertise and to offer continuous professional development support to all centre personnel.