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Pupil Premium

From April 2015 we were able to claim extra Government Funding for some of our 3 and 4 year olds in the Nursery School to support their development, learning and care. This funding is called the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).


The Early Years Pupil Premium provides us with an extra 53 pence per hour for three and four year old children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits or who have been in care or adopted from care. This means an extra £302 a year for each child taking up the full 15 hours per week funded entitlement to early education.


At Gamesley EEC we aim to closely monitor the progress of our children in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium. The way that we implement this is by ensuring these children are made VIPs twice as often. This gives them more time being observed by and interacted with the extra high adult ratio of staff that we have. From this information, we plan for and provide group work to facilitate their varying needs.


It is a system that also ensures that we hold extra meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress and next steps. It is our aim that this will make an impact by creating a safety net to close any gaps that may occur due to socio economic factors. Our ethos is to provide every child with equality of access to a good start in their education.


Our Early Years Pupil Premium allowance for the year  2019/20 was £8660.





EYPP work 2019-20