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Vision and Values

Our vision for the Nursery School is 'Laying Foundations for Life'. To achieve this vision it is our intention to:

  • Encourage inquisitive learners
  • Foster curiosity
  • Develop a love of learning
  • Promote the skills of sharing and turn taking
  • Prioritise the develop of communication and language skills
  • Model being inclusive and respectful of others
  • Celebrate different beliefs and faiths
  • Demonstrate telling the truth
  • Build resilience
  • Support independence


To achieve this we have adopted an approach to teaching and learning called 'Planning in the Moment'. This enables us to respond to children immediately and appropriately and provides opportunities for us to embed our vision. 



This child had found a husk that had fallen from a tree, through conversation with the staff member the child learnt that this was a seed and so they went on to plant the seed. This followed the child's natural interest, respecting their curiosity. The child was encouraged to source all the equipment himself to plant the seed, promoting his independence.